August 5, 2009


What makes a person? What makes you, who you are? Is it your skin completion or is it the way you style your hair? Some woman feels putting on make-up make a person beautiful. I like make-up, but it do not defines me as a beautiful woman. Make-up only adds to my beauty. Just like putting on some fancy earrings, wearing my hair a certain way enlarges my beauty. The outfit I pick out to wear with the heels to match only enlighten my personality and create my style. I love how big and brown my eyes is and how long my eyes lashes curls. I love my skin completion as the way it is; dark brown and smooth. I love my size standing 5'2 weighing 130 with a pug in my stomach. All my features I listed is what makes me who I am, beautiful. Make-up, jewelry, clothes, and shoes adds to my beauty. So the question still stands, What make you, who you are?

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