October 29, 2010

Missing you

Missing you like crazy is not even fair,
You went away too soon, but I can't even compare,
To the spot you won in heaven, you won your golden prize.
No more hurt, pain, or aches you left a world that is full of lies.
If I could have that one last talk with you, I will tell you I love you.
I use to ask God why.
Why did you have to be the one to go?
But I remember God saying He was going to use you.
Still this day I don’t understand, but He let me know you are in good hands.
I was full of tears and filling like there was no place to hide.
All because you went away and I didn’t get a chance to tell you goodbye.
Your son is getting bigger, looking just like you.
I ask him wear his daddy at and he tells me in Heaven with God.
He don't know the full circumstances, but he is starting to think it's odd.
I know if you were still here you would be so proud.
To see you baby boy grow up and to hear how his voice sound.
How long will this last, I don't know,
But I think I will forever be missing you in this world so cold.


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