August 6, 2009

Be Encourage

When everything seem so far, and the next step bring fear,
Know that your future is very near.
You may have your worries and you may have your doubts,
But lean unto God, for he shall bring you out.
With all your might,
Take comfort with verry little sight.
Count on your self,
Because when it's said and done,
You the only one left.
Take joy for today,
And Caution for tomorrow,
Be careful for the next day,
Don't let it bring you sorrow.
Have confidence on what you do,
And account for what you say,
Be aware not to offend that person,
Standing in your face.
Be encourage and keep stepping,
Let go of your fears,
And release them hard long tears.
Know that everything will be alright,
But know this one thing,
You not gonna get to your dream without a fight.

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