October 7, 2013

I Threw Myself A Welcome Back Party!

BLOGGING, or should I say WRITING?!?! When I first started my blog back in 2009, I was going through the death of my late husband and I believed God put it on my heart to write and express my emotions about certain things through Blogger. It had to be God because I never was the type to get excited about writing(I had/have issues!!) and here I am... BACK to writing/blogging. A lot has changed given the fact, I grew up! No longer that baggage little girl that had emotional problems. Yes I said it, EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS slash ISSUES for my fellas who think all women have emotional issues. Well this chick did which I will share here and there through my future blogs. What to look for....hmmm my opinion about relationships, my opinion about politics, my opinion about parenting, my opinion about independence, and facts about God with a little of my opinion about who He is to me. Lets face it, my blogging will be mostly about my opinions and I value feedback. I like interactions not confrontations so feel free to jump on board :-)


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