August 6, 2009

Inside feelings

Have you ever had this feeling where you are so self-motivated to jump in your career, and you are so driven to making it that you do not know what to do? Have you ever got to the point that you want to scream because you can visualize your dream for the future but it seems so far away? Seem like your dream career is around the corner, but it's like a wall blocking you and your dream from meeting. Like you the only one that feels the motivation, and you think people around you feel the same way because the feelings is so high, but then others tell you, " You have imaginations like a child", but you push pass what people have to say.

^This is my feelings right now. I am so self-motivated that I am not slowing down or slacking off no more. I did it for years. I am not where I want to be at in life right now. I have some setbacks, down falls, and discouragement, but no longer will I let them feelings way down on me any longer. I have this burning fire in me right now that I can see my dream. God said just have faith as a mustard seed and my faith is bigger than a mustard seed. I feel myself getting back in that mind frame where, I GOT TO MAKE IT. No ifs, ands, and buts, but JUST DO IT. I want so much for me and my child that I can not let my past bring me down. Everything I went through can not bring me down, but make me stronger. I will succeed and God said,"If I be for you, who in the world can be against you". And I am walking on what God said. He will bring me out. God is my rock, who shall I be afraid of. Whats for me, it is for me, and no one can take it away or stop it but God. When I was down and out He was there. God said he will never leave me or nor forsake me and I believe him. I love the Lord, he heard my cries so that's why I would never stop loving him.


  1. Babes i feel you on this. I am so passionate about making my marketing career happen. Ive got to so many interviews, they like me on paper but there's something about me that stops them when I come in person. Only God knows what it is. I will continue to perserve cuz I know i'll make it. check out my blog on Give you head up

  2. Thanks sweetie and I am learning to come out my shell as I move oin the feild of Public Relations. Only God can bring us out and through. I will look at your blog and when you get a chance follow me so we can stay updated on each other post. God bless



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