July 27, 2009

Single Parents

A lot of us like to complain abut being a single parent. Everyone is to blame for raising a child or children by yourself, and we do not move forward and take on the responsibility of being a single parent. Like who walks around saying, "I want to raise a child by myself", really who says that. Like me and everybody else, I did not ask to be a single mom at the age of 23. I had a Husband who loved his child, who loved being a daddy, but that gift; opportunity was taking away Jan. 1, 2009, 3 hours into the New Years, he was killed. I didn't ask to live the life of a single parent and my 2 year old son didn't ask to be fatherless. So, what I had to do was put my complaints and feelings aside and take care my son. Oh, and lets not talk about my son father's side of the family; they don't even bother to stay in touch. Through the 7 months with the death of my late husband I learn to put away my wants and think about me and my child needs. I work hard everyday to be the mother and father which is not easy. I wiped the tears away and stop complaining about being a single parent. I I can do it why are there are still people complaining and not being both parents. At the end of the day you are still a single parent until God send your other half your way.


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